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Duck River Garden Club of Old Lyme was founded in 1970 to maintain the beauty of our community. We operate within the same core principles and have incorporated new ones as time progresses.  Explore this website for a wider picture as we serve Old Lyme and East Lyme, welcoming new members with similar interests.


Our Goals

The goals of the club are to stimulate a greater interest in gardening and landscaping, to learn the elements of floral design, to create a greater awareness of nature and conservation, and to maintain the beauty of our community.

Gardening Tools


Get involved

Our programs sections provides details about upcoming events and further club activities.


Discover and learn

Discover links and literature
that will provide insight and inspiration for your next project.


Become a member

Please visit our members section for more information about joining the club.

Still kicking after more than 50 years!

Learn, share and do for your community with Duck River Garden Club

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